I study human rights because human rights allow everyone to be him- or herself

Natia Razmadze

Human rights do not exist only for lawyers. Human rights are for all of us without distinction. And I think this is the biggest achievement of mankind. Of course I could also name many other great achievements that are a result of hard work and make our lives more comfortable and easier in many ways. But the most important is that we have human rights and a possibility to protect them.

Human Rights are the rights that every person is entitled to simply by virtue of being human. They cannot be taken away, nor is it possible to consider some people’s rights more important than those of others. As many other important things in the world, human rights were not invented in one day. Human rights, as we know them today, have been developed from very early times and the development is still going on. Magna Charta (1215), the English Bill of Rights (1689), the US Constitution and Bill of Rights (1791), the French Declaration on the Rights of Man and Citizen (1789) and other documents that are written precursors to nowadays human rights system. However, some of those documents excluded women, people of color and members of certain social, religious, economic and political groups. The principle of equality has found its way to the core of nowadays human rights norms through a constant development and sometimes also fight.

myself_van cogh

Today, I think it is impossible to live without our human rights. Because to live does not only mean to eat and breath, it also means to be yourself, realize your potential, make your choices – realize your right to self-determination and personal freedom. In my opinion, human rights and the realization of them is the source to live in dignity, to be a person who you want to be, the way to sustain your individualism. Sometimes you need to protect your rights to do that. This is important also for the society: the reason why life is interesting is that we are all different, but equal in our rights and dignity.

I have always been interested in human rights and it has always been strange for me to see people giving up on their rights, without even trying to defend them. Often, I think, this happens because of the lack of knowledge. That is why I think that everyone should be educated in human rights, at least to know what kind of rights we have and how to protect them. So there would be less violations of human rights and more people being able to be themselves. That is why I study human rights.


Edited by Mariann Rikka



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