Studying human rights for a better society and peace

Ana Paula González Villalobos

Every one of us needs to apprehend that human rights are inherent to every human being without distinction of any kind. All human beings are entitled to human rights and fundamental freedoms since they are born. They are part of our daily lives and, consequently, it is crucial to develop and promote programs in order to provide appropriate education on what human rights are and what these rights entail. It is hardly possible to reach justice without the education and the profound understanding of what human rights are.

Respect, recognition and observance of the fundamental rights is of utmost importance. Ensuring an effective recognition of human rights will lead to acceptance of one another and the development of our societies in accordance with the universal values enshrined the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. That is necessary to ensure peaceful relations among the nations and peace in the world as foreseen in the Charter of the United Nations.

Education on human rights is of paramount importance because even nowadays severe violations against human rights are committed on a daily basis. Therefore, us as a society must be prepared to stand up and fight for our rights. Our obligation as human beings, and in my case as a lawyer, is to help people to access effective remedies at national or international level when their rights have been violated. Even more important than the remedies, however, is the inner understanding of human rights values and the choice of ones actions, attitudes and behaviours in one’s everyday life accordingly. The more people do so, the less legal remedies are needed. I study human rights and have decided to write in this blog to help achieving this cause.

Toimetanud Mariann Rikka

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