It’s not just my choice but my moral commitment


Lili Kalandia

Human rights are considered an intrinsic value achieved by mankind that is rooted in every piece of our life. Effective protection of human rights depends on the compliance of states with their international obligations. Domestic compliance can be achieved by rule of law and democracy: if those principles are at stake, people don’t have proper access to justice which leads to more vulnerability within the state.

I was born at the crossroad of Europe and Asia, in Tbilisi, Georgia, which simply means that I’m part of the ongoing battle for freedom and liberal democracy. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Georgia expressed Euro-Atlantic aspirations and started to strive for this goal.

Transition to democracy and pursuing western leanings is a continuing process. It changes political and cultural values of the civil society, alongside the economic development which has an essential importance for people to be able to live with dignity and fully enjoy their rights.

Even though we face very difficult geopolitical, domestic political and economic obstacles, our progression toward democracy and freedom does have its success stories. Latest convincing examples are the late achievement of a visa-free regime with the European Union, and agreement on deep and comprehensive trade area, which increases market access between EU and Georgia based on better-matched regulations. Such considerable steps at internal and external level confirm that the county is on the right track. However, the challenges holding up our progress still remain acute and need a lot of work to be overcome. The bitter side of our reality is the occupation line which violates the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the state and threatens fundamental rights and freedoms of people who live near boundaries on daily basis.

One can easily understand the reason of my aspiration to study international law and human rights. Obtaining a master degree in this area gives me significant insight into the role of International mechanisms at both international and national level. Effective application of these mechanisms is decisive to enhance human rights protection and achieve peace and security in the country.

Being part of this battle is not just my choice but my moral commitment. I belong to the generation brought up during the transformation of the country into new values, open doors and opportunities. We are not witnesses of Soviet past and I believe our young and progressive wings are stronger than the weight of the traumatic legacy.


Edited by Mariann Rikka 

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