We are in this fight together

Mario Alfaro

Every March 8, since I can remember, I have realized the challenges of being a woman in a non-egalitarian society. This day the media has mostly used it to celebrate women for being “the most beautiful creation of God” or for being “a gift of nature”, but this should not be the case.

International Women’s Day is not a day of celebration but recognizing the unending historical struggle that women have had to face against discrimination, disparity, oppression and injustice. This day, it must be a day of reflection, to analyse that the fight for the egalitarian claim between men and women continues.

We are not an equitable society in which the basic rights of women are respected, and therefore we must continue fighting.
It is also a perfect day to remember misogyny and machismo is in our culture and realize that many times without being aware of them, we are part of the problem and allow these harmful speeches to continue replicating.

Therefore, this day is a day to be aware of the situations that are lived around us and to get involved in our society to create a more just and equitable environment. It is a day to listen and to record that the voices that want to be heard, be heard. So that women when they feel abused or discriminated against, can talk. This day is for women and men to rise up, raise their voices and demand a more united and just society.

Today is the day we begin to create a more just and united society.

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