Women not only during one day of the year. We deserve appreciation every single day!

Cristina Snegur

The date of 8 of March in Moldova represents not only the celebration of the International Women’s Day, but also Mother’s Day.

During my childhood, in kindergartens and schools the teachers and pupils organised small concerts dedicated to their mothers. This highlighted the importance of our mothers; that special feature of being not only a woman, but what was kind of “more important”- a mother.

Nevertheless, the current tendency is to appreciate all women, from the youngest to the oldest. Moreover, sometimes people forget that a “woman” and “mother” are not competing and separate notions, but absolutely complementary. Every woman deserves to enjoy not only the happiness of motherhood, but also all other things that make her feel happy.

One more point that I want to bring out is that unfortunately there are some people who usually pay attention to their mothers, lovers, daughters etc. during the Women’s Day, but neglect them during the rest of the year. Women are not women during only one day of the year, therefore, that presents, love and attention should be manifested every single day!

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