Me, Myself and I.

Nicole Fraccaroli

My grandfather always told me “be the change you want to see in the world” and I have always tried to make this quote mine. I have worked out a sort of great aspiration that characterizes me every day: the possibility to make the difference and this world a better place, where people care about sufferings, about justice and human rights. I believe in the power of my voice, in my determination, leadership and courage and I strongly believe that making the difference is possible.

One of the first ever most relevant experiences consisted in the possibility to fight for human rights of Guinea, through the project of MUN (“Model United Nations”). I had to realize a topic in order to discuss problems related to children abuse, criminalization, ethnical and territorial problems. I had the chance to work hard for a country, fight against violence and injustice; it was not easy, I had to speak in front of many people trying to convince them that my ideas could be effective: I shew my leadership, determination and perseverance. Most of the things were new to me, anyway my attitude was positive, I knew that I could change something for real! While, living in Brazil and serving as a volunteer gave me the possibility to develop values such as: living diversity, world citizen and made me appreciate for real my mission. I adapted, focused and took action living everyday with commitment, ambition and responsibility.

Finished my third-year degree, and currently studying “International Law and Human Rights” in Tallinn, I feel more than ready and determined to go deeper, to ask more, to receive more and to act more. It is about me and my future and I can boast of concrete ideas; but at the same time, I do recognize the value of studying, learning, asking and interacting. Because I believe in my goals, I am not afraid to ask myself more and to change environment. Actually, different environments have always played an important role in my life that now I hardly can think about my educational-training without moving and interacting with different conceptions. Through this Master I really would like to mature my ideas, searching for details, new opportunities and challenges. The reason why I decided to start a Master in such a specific realm, is my will to foster my knowledge and experience related to International Law, and in particular the following branches: International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law. From my point of view, it is fundamental for my professional growth to combine theory and practice, the value of study and the application of the tools, in order to find solutions, bring positive and innovative changes and develop certain principles. Henceforth, my university life is characterized by practical experiences that allow me to put into practice what I study and to challenge myself in stimulating environments: this is the key to improve myself and become the more and more competitive.

What really makes me different from the other people is the spark of interest I have for justice, children, men, women that are still waiting for a better future, for a smile of hope, the chance to choose and to live in a world where they can be respected and live without the fear of the next day. I am interested in today issues, in giving them a name and a solution; I trust the international governance and the tools, but among all I believe in the power of decisions and actions.

Past and present experiences motivate me every day to study what I am studying and to work hard for this. In future, I really would like to work in an environment where I can support, in an office and on field, goals and programs that aim at developing and improving the human dignity, equality, stability, security, justice and cooperation; and to break down barriers, silence and indifference. I am convinced that in order to face a challenge, its study plays a role. This for sure takes time, experience, determination and perseverance. I have understood I want to study and work hard for all this, this is my life, my future and I am determined to make this becoming my job. I know that I want to spread my voice, be influent and show the world that it is still possible to change things for real.

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