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Each highway starts from a small route as well as human’s life starts from passion, hopes, believes and dreams. To succeed and make your dreams come true, you need good education and a bit of luck. This essay is totally not about the luck part though it will tell you how everything started and what I came up to. I hope this is just the begining of the way called LIFE.

Before choosing the master’s programme «International Law And Human Rights” at Tartu University I researched many other curricula and communicated with programme alumni and realized that it is the programme which is the best for me taking into consideration my previous experience and professional perspectives. I was also interested at studying in this prestigious University which is in the TOP 2% Universities in the world.

My choice to apply for studying the program “International Law and Human Rights” was not occasional due to my previous academic and working experience. I obtained LLB at Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University. Despite busy academic schedule I always tried to get more from the curriculum and student life — for example, I was the member of Student Scientific Committee and I actively took part in different student conferences as well as student and youth events abroad. I regularly took part in that events which were useful for my professional growth as a future lawyer — such as Summer Law School (ELSA) “Diplomacy and Law” at Rijeka University, Croatia; European Youth Event “Together we can make a change” in France; London School of Economics and Political Sciences “Introduction to International Human Rights: Theory, Law and Practice” in UK and others. While attending International Development Youth Forum in Japan I presented the topic “Peace building in Columbia”. All these programs and courses influenced my world-view and development as a future lawyer. The master’s program here completely corresponds to my professional goals. Sad to notice that there is no full accordance of Ukrainian law system to the international system of Human Rights. The sphere of Human Rights is not codified and this is the source of different speculations. Studying chosen program will give me the opportunity to research the experience of Estonia and other countries that is why I am sure this knowledge will be necessary to implement the international standards into Ukrainian law system. Such implementation appears more and more topical due to the possibility for Ukraine to gain the membership in European Union.

Even though that the majority of my time I spent studying law and international relations, I always enjoyed traveling abroad and volunteering. Volunteer work has always been a part of my life in some form or another.I have always worked hard and put myself out to change at least somebodies life into a better way. I have worked with the immigrant from Iran Mohsan Ali Mohebi, who was thrown away from her home, persuaded by Iranian authorities because she changed her religious views . Together we achieved an immigrant status in Ukraine for her safety. Also I have been volunteering in Iceland in the project dealing with sustainability and other environmental topics. Also I enjoyed working with children with fewer opportunities (social, geographical or physically) on different issues: racism, exclusion, integration, and tolerance acceptance in Austria. 

Our world is cruel sometimes, but it is totally not without good people. I am trying to be that person who maybe won’t be able to change the world, but the one who will do everything possible to change someones life.
I want to be a successful person, to make myself useful in my native Ukraine, and success, in my opinion, is not only achievement, but a continuous road in search of something better, in search of perfection.

I believe that this master’s program is a school of ideas, opportunities for self-actualization and self-expression, testing and development of intellectual and creative abilities, erudition and creative thinking. I hope it would help me to realize the value of my future job, give me a meeting with talented people, the interests and opinions which are not limited in space and time, and people who can and are not afraid to defend their point of view and are ready to share their ideas with the world.

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