The flower symbol of UNICEF

Nicole Fraccaroli

Saturday and Sunday 30 and 31 of March have been the days dedicated to the Orchidea flower of Unicef: this is an event of sensibilization and fundraising that saw many Unicef volunteers involved in more than 2.300 Italian squares. As responsible and coordinator of the youth group of Unicef Committee in Verona (Italy), I found important for us to take part to this initiative again, and unite our efforts and voices to those of other Unicef local committees in Italy. The idea is to take the action to sell Orchideas, flower symbol of Unicef, whose funds raised will be directly addressed to the campaign “Each child is life” since one of the major purposes of Unicef is that to provide each child with good health assistance at accessible costs.

UNICEF is a multi-disciplinary field organization and if you are willing to better understand its vision and goals, in addition to visit the main web site ( ) , I suggest you to look at the report “UNICEF Humanitarian Action for Children 2019” ( to get in touch with the main struggles, features and focus of UNICEF which will characterize 2019. In particular, Humanitarian Action for Children 2019, realized each year at international level, underscores the urgency of protecting children in crisis from all such threats to their lives, well-being and dignity.

In all this YOU as volunteer, can contribute and make the difference.

Is Henrietta Fore, current UNICEF Executive Director, who opens the report claiming that “at UNICEF, we have seen first-hand how children’s safety, mental health and physical well-being are vital to their overall development.”

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